Yellow Card Mobile App V1

Building version 1.0 of the Yellow Card mobile app, one of Africa’s fastest growing cryptocurrency startups.
Mobile App design
Yellow Card
August 2020 - March 2021
Yellow Card Mobile App V1


Yellow Card is a Binance-backed cryptocurrency exchange startup operating out of Nigeria, with a growing presence in  countries across Africa. The company’s main value proposition is making crypto more accessible in developing countries, and it does this by allowing customers to buy crypto with digital payments on their website or cash at their brick and mortar outlets.
The Yellow Card MVP was launched in 2018 as a web app, built by the founders themselves, but with a growing user base and increasing mobile traffic, the need to launch a mobile app was greater than ever.

The Goal

With the current complexity of the web app, the product largely attracts expert traders. User analytics data from 2019-2020 also revealed that 92% of customers access the app from mobile devices. With this knowledge, the team decided to build an app that is tailor-made for the mobile experience and intuitive enough to allow even beginners to trade.

Design Solution

Because we had an existing redesigned and redeveloped webapp to piggyback off, it was easier to draft general requirements for the app. The lead designer majorly handled communications with the shareholders to make sure we weren't working out of business scope. Data research on how new users interacted with our current webapp gave us insights into how the UX flows should be modified to accommodate new traders. We streamlined the sign-up process in order to reduce onboarding drop-off, reduced the number of steps required to make individual transactions like making deposits or buying coins, and generally made the product more intuitive for new traders.


This project had me think a lot about marketing and how product design can help the business meet its business needs while centering the user. Every design decision was made with the user at the center, with business, legal and compliance needs surrounding it.


Since the app was launched, we have since expanded into 4 more African countries and are currently set to launch in other countries over the course of the year. Data is still being gathered, bug fixes, feature updates here and there but overall, we have built a great product. I will be back here to update you on some new metrics about how customers interact with the app, how it helped meet business goals and improvements that have been made.